Posted by: Antonia Ciccolo | July 5, 2010

Lunch at Terminal B

Today I arrived at Boston’s Logan Airport US Airways Terminal B just around lunch time for my flight to Philadelphia and I quickly realized that I should have eaten before I got there. I didn’t have enough time to sit at a restaurant so I made a pass through the food court. The food court dining options are: Starbucks, Asian Too Express, McDonald’s, Au Bon Pain, and Sbarro.

I walked up to Au Bon Pain thinking they were the most likely venue to have a vegan menu option. I was surprised to find that their menu had “Vs” next to their vegetarian food options on the menu – and there were five vegetarian menu options (two sandwiches, one hot sandwich, one wrap, and one breakfast sandwich) but all of them had cheese or dairy. When I asked the server if they had any vegan options, she had no idea what I was talking about and then responded, “We can do a Mediterranean wrap.” When I told her that I don’t eat cheese, she said, “We can do an egg sandwich.” So then I told her that I don’t eat egg and she said, “We can do a wrap with lettuce and tomato…but that’s about it.” It just didn’t seem very appetizing. Alternatively, Au Bon Pain is great for vegan snacks – they often have plastic containers of cut fruit and nuts. They also usually have whole fruit options on the counter. But their vegan lunch options and employee awareness, not as good.

Over at McDonald’s I checked out the prepared salads (even though I hate salad) and the three options were: Bacon Ranch, Caesar, and Southwestern, all with cheese in them. They had a fruit and walnut snack but it really wasn’t going to be enough for lunch. I asked the server if they had any vegetarian options and the people in line next to me laughed (I mean, I guess I don’t blame them). The server just shook his head, smiled, and said, “No, sorry.”

The Sbarro had mostly pizza (no vegan pizza option) but had a small salad bar. This would have worked if I liked salad. Oftentimes Sbarro has a mixed vegetable side that’s pretty greasy but mostly likely vegan.

Starbucks has a few vegan options but usually nothing that is substantial enough for lunch. For breakfast, I often get the oatmeal with dried fruit and chopped walnuts which is a good source of protein. Today I was surprised to see that both of their salads had either dairy or milk – salad wasn’t even an option! The only vegan food item I could have had at Starbucks was a plastic container of cut fruit.

I ventured over to the Asian Too Express, a little hesitant about all food items on display, let alone anything vegan. Turns out they had a Vegetable Lo Main without dairy or egg (or MSG!). I ended up trying the Lo Main, which didn’t have much taste, but filled me up for lunch. Success!

I’ve found that eating meals at airport food courts can be a big challenge, especially if you don’t want salad. I would definitely suggest eating at an airport restaurant over the food court or eating before or after your flight. Most large airports have standalone sushi bars or in Japanese restaurants. Edamame, vegetarian sushi, and steamed brown rice are all healthy vegan options.

I’d be interested to hear what other airport food challenges people have had!



  1. In terms of food challenges, I find the older the airport terminal, the tougher for diversity in more contemporary food options. JFK and Detroit might be better options, but it’s JetBlue at JFK and Delta at Detroit. Good luck!

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