Posted by: Antonia Ciccolo | July 7, 2010

SliCE over Sofitel

I’m in absolute shock that the Sofitel Philadelphia’s in-room dining menu has more food options for pets than they do for vegans. After a long nap on Monday night, I was ready for room service at about 9:30 and could not find any vegan entrées on the in-room dining menu. There were a few salads, but… I hate salad (which I know is going to be tough in some situations; I’m really going to have to suck it up and eat salad sometimes). I decided to give room service a call and ask about their vegan options. Luckily, the room service attendant knew what vegan meant, and told me they could make three of their salads without cheese or meat: the Mixed Green Salad, the Spanish and Strawberry Salad, and the Caesar Salad without the dressing or the croutons (which would really be just the romaine lettuce). None of those sounded like dinner. The room service attendant also told me that pizza is vegetarian but I reminded him that cheese isn’t vegan.

I scrutinized the rest of the in-room dining menu and asked about the hummus platter. But no, unfortunately it’s made with cheese (really?!). I noticed some vegetable sides on the menu and asked if those could be prepared vegan. The response I got was, “Well, our vegetable sides are all made with butter.” I asked, “Is there any way you could prepare them without butter?” And his response was, “Well, maybe. We could just steam them. Yes, we could do the green beans without butter.” So at the end of the day, if I decided to get room service for dinner every night of my stay, I would be limited to salad and green beans for a whole week. Uch!

So alternatively, I did some internet research on vegan delivery options and found the restaurant SliCE Pizza just down the street from the Sofitel! At the top of their menu read: “Offering 100% Whole Wheat dough!! Now Available ~ Vegan Gourmet Mozzarella.” The vegan veggie pizza was unbelievable, maybe better than any regular pizza I’ve ever had. I would highly recommend SliCE for any vegan or non-vegan in the Philadelphia area. There are two locations in Philly on Sansom Street and S. 10th Street.

As for the Sofitel, it’s great that they have salads and a side dish that can be made vegan, but not great that they can’t prepare at least one vegan entrée. I wasn’t kidding when I said they had more options for pets than for vegans. Their So Pets menu contains:

Seared Filet Mignon ($26)

(5oz), poached carrots and sautéed green beans

Grilled Chicken Breast with pasta or white rice, poached carrots

Small bowl ($14)

Large bowl ($18)

Shredded White Ham served with white rice and poached carrots

Small bowl ($13)

Large bowl ($17)

Plate of Assorted Canine Cookies ($4)

Who travels with their dog and forgets dog food? And who would spend $26 on a filet mignon for their pet? If the Sofitel can go this far… they have no excuse for leaving a vegan entrée off their menu. To go along with their slogan, maybe they could add a So Vegan menu page to their in-room dining menu? I mean, it can’t be too costly, right?


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