Posted by: Antonia Ciccolo | July 8, 2010

Vegan at the Ballpark

The trick to any vegan dining situation is to plan ahead! When I bought tickets to the Philadelphia Phillies baseball game earlier this week, I was pretty sure the only thing I’d be eating at the ballpark is the peanuts. I was pleasantly surprised when I started researching the food provider of Citizens Bank Park, searching for some hope of dinner at the game. Turns out the concessions are provided jointly by ARAMARK, the Phillies, and World Wide Concessions. I guess they are doing something right – Citizens Bank Park has been rated the No. 1 Vegetarian Ballpark by PETA for the past four consecutive years!! And in 2007 it was voted “Best Ballpark Eats” by the Food Network. Unbelievable!

I had my vegan expectations set so high walking into the game, presuming I would get the full ballpark experience with a vegan hot dog. I was even more surprised to see not just one but three vegan options at the concession stand. The South Philly Market concession stands by sections 128, 206, and 318 offer vegan hot dogs, vegan black bean burgers, and vegan chicken sandwiches. The stand attendant recommended the black bean burger, telling me that she loves them and she’s not even vegan! When I ordered, she asked if I wanted a gluten-free bun with it (why not!) and also offered lettuce and tomato. It definitely took a bit longer than the other non-vegan options but it was definitely worth the wait (despite my friend Tom’s comment asking if they were “killing the vegan cow back there”). While waiting, I asked if the vegan options were popular and she immediately said, “Yes! People buy them all the time.” I really never thought vegan ballpark food would be so profitable.

Turns out Alley Grill (at the Left Field plaza) also offers Southwestern Veggie Burgers and Planet Hoagie (at Ashburn Alley) offers a vegetarian crab free crab cake sandwich and many different vegan salads. Other great ballpark snack items I saw at the game were peanuts (of course) and pistachios too.

If only hotels could be this accommodating…



  1. I think one of the reasons Citizens Bank Park has been rated the No. 1 Vegetarian Ballpark is because Jenn Utley, wife of second baseman Chase Utley spends most of her time working with PETA.

  2. Seems like PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) is all over ballparks. Maybe Jenn Utley does have something to do with it! Check out their June 1st blog post titled, “PETA Ranks Vegetarian-Friendly Major-League Baseball Stadiums.” I’m happy to see that Fenway Park got honorable mention!

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