Posted by: Antonia Ciccolo | July 12, 2010

Where’s the Soy Milk?

Whenever a hospitality company provides milk, I really do think they should also have soy milk. I was flying to Houston this morning on a Continental Airlines flight, and they served breakfast (which was great!) but they handed me cereal, a banana, and regular milk. I asked if they had soy milk and they looked at me like I was crazy! I’m really surprised by this. If I wanted coffee and was lactose intolerant, they couldn’t accommodate me? There seem to be a few different situations where a passenger/guest might need soy milk (not only a vegan passenger) and hospitality companies choose not to provide it!

I was pleasantly surprised when I visited my (new) client’s cafeteria for lunch and there were MANY vegan options – even in Houston! But again, no soy milk. I chose to get a vegetable plate with black-eyed peas, cooked spinach, and corn. I asked if any of them were prepared with butter and the server didn’t know. I asked if she could find out and she reluctantly spoke to the person standing next to her… luckily the cooked veggies were made with olive oil only. They also had a veggie burger and a salad bar too. It looks like I’ll be able to eat healthy, vegan meals at the client cafeteria for the next several months. I really hope team dinners will be this easy.


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