Posted by: Antonia Ciccolo | July 22, 2010

The Hotel Gift Shop Has Vegan Cookies!

I was a little bummed the other night, walking into the Hilton Americas Houston knowing that I would have to order room service for the third time in two weeks – and really wasn’t feeling like a third veggie wrap – but the night ended much better than it started. I opted out of veggie wrap numero tres, thinking there must be something else I could order off the in-room dining menu. Otherwise, I would be totally screwed (out of any variety) staying here every week for the next few months.

When I asked about vegan options other than the veggie wrap, the room service attendant repeated back to me, “vegan?” Yes, I said back. “I don’t know what vegan is.” I really had no idea if I should start educating her about veganism or just ask targeted questions. I went for the harder of the two: do you have anything without meat, fish, dairy, butter, or egg? “We have a veggie wrap but it has aioli,” she said but I inquired about other options. “We have a fruit salad…” So I ordered the fruit salad without the banana bread and cottage cheese. It was actually a decent sized fruit salad but didn’t feel like dinner. I really need to start going out to restaurants in the area, but sometimes I just have too much work.

Later that evening I decided to venture down to the Gift Shop to check out the snack options and pick up some nuts for a snack the following day. There, sitting on the shelf, were three different flavors of vegan cookies!! I couldn’t believe my eyes. Who is buying vegan cookies in the Hilton in downtown Houston? Were they attempting to provide a “healthy” junk food alternative to travelers? Because these vegan cookies are far from healthy – they are actually 460 calories each! And I don’t believe that the hotel is actually trying to accommodate vegans because their room service menu definitely tells me otherwise.

Regardless, I ate an amazing vegan cookie and was very content that I purchased the cookie from the Hilton, and not from a Wholefoods. Now I know that when I have too much work and can’t leave the hotel for food, I can order a veggie wrap, a fruit plate, and then pick up some nuts or a cookie from the gift shop. Not too bad!


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