Posted by: Antonia Ciccolo | July 27, 2010

All Day at Terminal A

After about a 20 minute walk through Boston Logan Airport’s Terminal A (servicing Continental and Delta flights), I have located a few different vegan meal options, many more than at Terminal B! I spent the morning and early afternoon at Terminal A since I missed my early morning flight to Houston and got a confirmed seat on the afternoon flight. Terminal A is split into two sections: Gates 1-12 are available right as you walk through security, and gates 13-22 are much further into the airport – a bit of a hike, but definitely worth it for good vegan food.

As you enter the Gate 13-22 area, you are immediately hit with a food court. On the left there is a Fresh City and on the right is a Fuddruckers. Fresh City has a tofu and/or vegetable stir-fry and a Poblano Roasted Vegetable Burrito or Bowl (ask for it without cheese or sour cream). They can also make customized burritos, wraps, and sandwiches with lots of veggies and organic tofu to choose from! I was surprised to see a Veggie Burger on the menu at Fuddruckers and a fruit cup available for a side. In addition to these two meal options, there is a Gourmet to Go snack shop that has hummus and pretzels and many other snacks: whole fruit, dried fruit, mixed nuts, vegan snack bars, and vegan cookies!

I’ve found that it’s really hit or miss with airport terminals. Sometimes you’ll find a terminal with a lot of healthy options – other times, like George Bush Intercontinental Airport Houston’s Terminal E, you will only find fast food places (without any vegan offerings) and small snack shops. Last Thursday, I had to grab oatmeal at Starbucks before boarding my 7pm flight – definitely not ideal. I’d like to find out if the airport or the airline makes the decision on food venues in airport terminals. Why are some better/healthier than others?


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