Posted by: Antonia Ciccolo | August 18, 2010

VegNews Reports Vegan-Friendly Cities

In this month’s version of VegNews Magazine, there is entire section titled, “Summer Vegcation,” which highlights 10 vegan-friendly cities across the United States. Cities are presented in the following order: Los Angeles, San Francisco, Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Washington DC, Chicago, Philadelphia, Seattle, and New York. Apparently they saved the best for last because New York City got a full page review with lots of recognition for its 42 all vegan restaurants. Wow, 42! I am sure there are other vegan restaurants opening up later this year too.

Here are the cities in order of number of vegan restaurants:

  • New York: 42
  • Los Angeles: 20
  • San Francisco: 15
  • Seattle: 13
  • Chicago: 10
  • Boston: 8
  • Philadelphia: 7
  • Austin: 7
  • Atlanta: 5
  • Washington DC: 4

While I have been to all of these cities except Seattle, I am excited to report traveling to New York, Boston, and Philadelphia as a vegan and had great food experiences in all three cities. In addition, I have trips in September planned to San Francisco, Austin, and back to New York City to experience more vegan food.

Check out the article here on VegNews’ website: In addition to mentioning the number of vegan restaurants, the article also gives their “Favorite Local Find” for each location. New York’s favorite local find is the vegan Panini at ‘Snice. Since I’ll be in the city in early September, I’ll be sure to check it out and give a full report.



  1. I am quite surprised to see New York triumph over LA with its amount of vegan restaurants. However, I imagine the territory taken into account probably covers the boroughs as well!

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