Posted by: Antonia Ciccolo | February 15, 2011

Winter Sports and Ski Resorts

I’ve had the opportunity to be a serious skier this winter and have visited five Northeast ski resorts since the beginning of January (Bretton Woods, Loon, Waterville Valley, Cannon, and Sugarbush). My first few times going, I made sure to pack my own food but after a while, I started to notice that all of the mountains have something for vegans to eat in their lodge food courts or restaurants.

At Bretton Woods Ski Resort in New Hampshire, the food court options include a vegetarian soup (the three bean vegetarian chili is great), a veggie burger, or regular oatmeal. Bretton Woods also has a restaurant on the slopes called Top o’Quad Restaurant with an excellent olive tapenade (but ask for the bread without butter). Waterville Valley Ski Resort has similar meal options to Bretton Woods but also some great vegan snacks: Me & Ollie’s Granola Munch, baked chips, protein bars, etc.

The grilled vegetable burger (without the cheese) at the restaurant at Sugarbush Vermont Ski Resort and Golf Club in the Mad River Valley was excellent as well. We dined at the Castlerock Pub – located in the Gate House Lodge at Lincoln Peak. This wasn’t even the only vegan option on the menu; they also have a vegan Castlerock Salad and a Portobello Wellington sandwich that I didn’t get to try. We ate our meal on the couches in front of the fire – such a relaxing way to break up a day of skiing.

If you decide to stay over at a resort lodge for the weekend, many of them offer breakfast in the morning. I stayed at the Comfort Inn & Suites in Lincoln, New Hampshire (near Loon Mountain) and made an English muffin with peanut butter at the complimentary breakfast station. I usually always have an oatmeal packet with me just in case there aren’t any vegan options for breakfast – there is always hot water for oatmeal.

If you decide to pack your own food for a day trip or weekend trip, here are some of my recommendations of healthy picks that are easy to grab at a local grocery store and pack for the weekend. For breakfast I usually bring fruit for the car ride or I stop to pick up a multi-grain bagel at Dunkin Donuts or any other breakfast joint. For lunch, I like to pack some multi-grain bread or tortillas, peanut butter (either a jar or single-serving packets, which you can get at Whole Foods), and a banana to make a delicious “peanut-butter and banana sandwich.” My non-vegan friends are usually jealous when I start putting this sandwich together so make sure to bring enough to share! I also try to bring a lot of snacks: apples, grapes, hummus and pita, and multi-grain pita chips. I love bringing edamame and mixed nuts for some additional protein for extended energy on the mountain.

If you don’t have time to pack snacks, however, I guarantee that most mountain lodges and restaurants will have something vegan on the menu to get you through the day. I have a ski trip to Colorado in March; it will be interesting to see how the vegan options at the Northeast mountains compare to those in Colorado.


  1. How was the skiing at all those places? Bretton Woods is on my list to try.

    • You should absolutely try Bretton Woods. Great mountain, pretty big with some hidden glade runs. Also a pretty good beginner mountain – lots of trails that aren’t too steep.

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  3. Welcome to the world of blogging from a fellow Bostonian vegan travel blogger!!

    I have visited several of those ski areas in the past(3 years ago) and back then there was nothing vegan to eat(except 1 or 2 places with vegan chili).

    Just a friendly fyi. The veggie burgers are usually not vegan. Need to ask if they contain egg whites. The bagels at Dunkins(&other places) are brushed with egg.

    The ski resorts are improving for vegans so good to hear they have more options. I visited Stowe, VT ski areas last month and found great vegan meals.

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