Posted by: Antonia Ciccolo | March 31, 2011

Colorado: Bigger Mountains and Food-Friendly Ski Resorts

I just returned from a ski trip to Colorado and I was just as impressed with the slope-side vegan food options as I was with the skiing. I spent four days on the slopes, skiing and eating at three different mountains. I was lucky enough to stay with my aunt who had rented a condo for six weekends in the town of Breckenridge, Colorado – we absolutely loved stocking her kitchen with food and spent a few evenings eating at home.

We spent two days skiing at Breckenridge Ski Resort which I absolutely adore. I always packed a tortilla with peanut butter and a granola bar for my jacket pocket but also got to visit the lodge for lunch. The food court at Peak 8 called Ski Hill Grill had plenty for me to eat. In addition to their full salad bar, they also have an Asian food station where I tried the vegetable stir fry and tofu over rice bowl – delicious! Also on Peak 8, take the Colorado SuperChair up to Vista Haus, which also has a food court with plenty of options: Asian station, Mexican station and newly added sushi bar (which I just found out on their website). You will never go hungry at Breck.

One night we ventured into the town of Breckenridge and ate at Kenosha Steakhouse. They had the usual veggie-burger option on the steakhouse menu. I’ve been kind of tired of veggie burgers recently so I decided to keep drinking wine and order two sides for dinner: the rice and the veggies. The veggies were seasonal which was nice. They were pretty small sides though so I ended up stealing some fries off of my friend’s plate. Next time I’d probably go with the vb.

Just down the street is Keystone Ski Resort with an absolutely gorgeous slope-side lodge called The Outpost. Again, it was hard to choose what to eat! They had a full salad bar, veggie burger, veggie soups, and more. I brought my lunch instead but managed to take a walk through the food court and have vegan food envy like crazy.

On our last day in the mountains, we drove about 45 minutes to Vail Ski Resort which is absolutely enormous. I went in and out of a few lodges trying to meet up with my cousins… so since I frequented so many on accident, I can report on a few of the dining options. I would highly recommend eating at Two Elks Lodge which is much bigger and nicer than some of the other food options on the slopes, and it is right near the back bowls. They have a salad bar, burrito station, and lots more to choose from. I went into Wildwood Barbeque but there didn’t seem like much on the menu for vegans: maybe the veggie chili or French fries but don’t waste your time when you can ski to better options. If you find yourself at Wildwood and ready for food, ski down to Mid-Vail which has a small but upscale food court with a salad bar, prepared-food sushi bar, and Asian station. I got the coconut curry tofu and veggies over rice but I’m not sure I’d get it again; I wish I’d eaten at Two Elks Lodge when I had the chance!

After a long day of skiing, we ended up at a slope-side restaurant at the top of the Lionshead Gondola for some après ski food and drinks at Game Creek Restaurant. I filled up on wine and bread because it looked like the only vegan option on the menu was a salad… yuck. There’s a Subway in the Lionshead village on the way to the garage if you want to grab a veggie sandwich for the ride home.

All in all, I was much more impressed with the mountains and lodges in Colorado than I was with the slopes and food options in the Northeast. I’m not sure how I’m going to go back to Northeast skiing next season. My experience in Colorado can be summed up by Vail’s tagline: Like nothing else on earth.



  1. I’m with you on Vail. So much good food for every type of diet at Vail Resort.
    You needed to spend more time in town. If you did you would have found a lot more options.
    That said Colorado is a meat eating State so be prepared for limited Vegan choices at most restaurants.
    Also don’t forget the Town of Avon Co just 8 miles west. Beaver Creek and Avon have 3 great Mexican eateries with bean and corn choices.

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