About the Blog

I’ve decided to embark on a vegan travel challenge. I’m going to adhere to a vegan diet (which means eating no form of animal products: meat, seafood, dairy, butter or egg) while I’m constantly traveling for work and for play. I’d like to see just how difficult it is to be a traveling vegan.

I intend to explore and share my experiences and research on the following:

  1. The vegan/vegetarian trend and how it has affected dining establishments
  2. The quantity and quality of vegan options that hospitality venues currently provide (airlines, hotels, restaurants, etc.) in the various cities I visit
  3. Strategies to adhere to a vegan diet when traveling
  4. The acceptance of a vegan diet in the professional workplace

I encourage other vegan travelers to share their experiences as well!



  1. […] traveling for work will be able to relate to this consultant who has started a blog to document a three month challenge to eat vegan while staying in hotels and traveling from city to city on […]

  2. Dear Antonia

    That’s some very interesting challenge you are doing right now, and it seems quite fruitful based on your blogs!

    I think traveling in the US is actually still quite easy, compare to when I traveled to China before! Good luck!

    And I also want to introduce you a brand ecoVegan; the products are cooked and flavored that you can take it with you on the road; just need to be refrigerated and microwaved (I guess they ought to have one in hotel?) before you enjoy. And if you get some rice or baguette, or salad, it goes very well together as protein boost/ meat alternative!

    Good luck! and I will check back from time to time to see your research results!

  3. This is very impressive. Good luck with the challenge!

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